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Etty + Roll

Luna Blanca Gingham Antibacterial Baby Change Pad

Regular price $ 22.50 CAD
Regular price $ 30.00 CAD Sale price $ 22.50 CAD
Our Luna Blanca Gingham Antibacterial change pads all carry antibacterial waterproof changing pad liners that measure 32”x 24” This size allows extra coverage to protect your baby while in use, as well as the ability to use it for a variety of other activity’s
  • Our XL chic flat change pads are mommy's faves! 
  • Used on top of the changing pad or on any surface that needs protection. Great for on-the-go, these XL change pads fit perfectly in your diaper bag.
  • This generous size allows for extra coverage to fully protect your baby, especially in public places where you need it the most.
  • Our waterproof antibacterial change pad liners are made of 100% premium quality cotton for protection against baby's skin with a waterproof bottom and a bias trim for added durability. These change pads are a great addition to any diaper bag because they are light and compact. Keep one on your changing pad, one in your diaper bag and anywhere you change your baby and need to protect the surface from leaks.
  • Our Etty + Roll change pads come in a variety of patterns.

We offer 100% chic cotton!