About Etty and Roll

Etty and Roll = (b)Etty on the Roll = Mama on the roll 

My name is Betty, I am a proud mama of 5 and have an intense passion for bringing joy, ease and comfort to fellow mamas lives. I am the founder of New Beginnings Baby Planning Services, where I serve as a guide for everything baby; from postpartum aftercare, breastfeeding, newborn care, sleep guidance and everything in between. I provide support for moms in all aspects of their motherhood journey. With 14 years of experience working with parents, newborn babies and having 5 kids of my own I understand what moms need and want when it comes to baby accessories, especially while on the go!

When my kids were young I struggled to find the perfect diaper bag and nursing cover. I was always on the go running errands, meeting with clients or visiting family. I was constantly lugging around a heavy bag putting strain on my back, shoulders and neck. I went through multiple styles of diaper bags, searching for something to help simplify travel with easy access to things I needed to have on hand while still feeling stylish and cute. I tried dozens of nursing covers and could never find one that was comfortable, effective and easy to use. I struggled with breastfeeding with all 5 of my babies which caused me to feel overwhelmed and self-conscious about breastfeeding in front of other people. I felt like I needed to conceal my body and I couldn’t get comfortable using a nursing cover or blanket. I was constantly adjusting and worrying about their latch and if they could breathe, all while trying to cover up my baby and my body. Often times I ended up sitting in my car outside of the store or excusing myself from the room during family gatherings to nurse because I was too overwhelmed.

It is because of these struggles that I was inspired to launch @ettyandroll and create The Ultimate Nursing Cover and matching diaper clutch and change pads. My focus has been on designing must have accessories for travel for on the go moms that offer comfort, safety, privacy without sacrificing style.  Our products are made from 100 % breathable, machine washable, luxury cotton with multiple chic prints to choose from. I truly believe – a happy mom means a happy baby!