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My Breastfeeding Journey: Never give up!

Why is it that no one tells us how difficult breastfeeding really can be when it’s suppose to be so natural?! But when that precious day comes to give birth,  we are so overwhelmed with love and exhaustion, we hope that breastfeeding will just come natural and have no complications.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but, like most parenting plans, it doesn’t always work out that way. Including myself having to breastfeed four times, each of my children had their own unique challenges. There were days of sadness and frustration. But most of all, the lack of support if I was doing the right thing for myself and my babies. There was also the lack of the right tools to set me up for a successful precious nursing experience.
My challenging experience with my first son is what led to the decision… to simply learn more about breastfeeding and how to produce milk.  I took a work shop from an amazing lactian Sandra Yates. The knowledge I gained helped me become a better breastfeeding mama and eventually, a consultant to support and encourage other new mamas by providing them with  tips and how to  prepare for there precious little ones. New Beginnings Baby Consulting allows me to be the support I never got to have and non of my mamas & daddies will ever be left with the thought of being alone when facing parenthood.
I truly believe that when breastfeeding it is so important to have the confidence, patience and, most of all, comfort from within the mothers! By my third baby I started to see more successful breastfeeding moments, but had the challenge of not having the proper nursing cover.  The ones I purchased were either too small, hard to adjust with one hand and having that unending feeling like it was suffocating her with not much room. I was definitely not able to connect and bond with my baby anytime I was breastfeeding outside my home. This led me to design a nursing cover to fit my needs. A cover that met all my challenges…larger width, snap buttons closure for one handed closures, double boning neckline for more visibility and room for baby. What started off as a nursing cover, quickly developed into a clutch bag to meet more of my needs. A bag easy to carry and had everything I needed with me in one….A matching burp cloth and change pad too. Etty&Roll is what was born out of my passion in giving comfort…and confidence for moms on the go.
New parents are in good hands with my service and my brand. I’ve faced all the same challenges that new parents encounter and have seen through it successfully through my 4 children and supportive husband. I have made so many close friends along the way of helping new parents because of the moments we’ve shared going through the early days with their baby along side them. They have also taught me about how much I love what I do and how much more I want to spread comfort and joy for new families.
The one tip I can give all breastfeeding moms today is…to tune in for my blog tips on being baby ready, join one of my local workshops, experience Etty&Roll…and never give up! I’ve got your back.
~Betty, Founder New Beginnings Baby Consultant and Etty&Roll

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