My Breastfeeding Journey:  Help is always an option!

My Breastfeeding Journey: Help is always an option!

I thought that being on nursing baby number 5, I would know exactly what to do but I have to say by the second week of being home with our newborn Elyse, I was still faced with new challenges. This time around, I had sore and infected nipples, she didn't want to have anything to do with my breasts (first of all 5), and it once again became such an emotional struggle for me. Mostly because I know she is my last and I really cherish this last breastfeeding journey with her.

I won't lie I was full of emotions (aka crying breakdowns) and was also so exhausted from all the pumping, then there was the tube and syringe feeding so she doesn't experience nipple confusion. And more, my baby Elyse's drastic weight loss just broke my heart. It really left me to think.... I have had 4 other success in feeding and have supported many new moms to successful feeding experiences. Why are my tactics not all working? The amazing nurse reassured me that it wasn't from the lack of milk supply, but it was important for me to still see the lactations clinic

So, the next day I did, and it was truly amazing how their comfort and support helped me through... and then my Elyse latched! The Lactation doctor made me realize how hard I was being on myself and that it is always okay to get help no matter how much I know or how many journeys I have been on. Because of my experience, it was natural that I would be this hard on myself, but when faced with the emotional moment of struggle, it wasn't more tactics I needed, it was comfort and confidence. In the end, she taught me to be kinder to myself and also reminded me that it was okay to bottle feed if I need to. I discoverd Dr. Brown's has the most amazing natural flow that helps with gas and colic as well as helps the baby's latch better on the bottles and breast which prevents so called "nipple confusion".

Here I was always supporting my clients and knowing how to help them gain confident as I guide them through their struggles with comfort, but all the while, I too really needed that for me. My husband was so wonderful and supportive, but I really did need that extra comfort in hearing the lactation doctor's guidance. I'm thankful to say Elyse is back to breastfeeding fully! And, I'm so thankful being a mom of five and even though I've had challenges, this has taught me to never give up on something you really want and that even for me being that support to so many amazing moms to a successful journey, I too can use that support to be reminded and feel just amazing about being a mom =)

Betty Mulingtapang

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