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Got 99 Problems, But a Bag Ain't One

When we were preparing for our first baby, I picked all the fab gear to go with my style and what I thought we needed with baby, while my husband focussed on baby's safety and most technical things...lol.  But, when we had her, the one epic fail according to my husband was the diaper bag. It turned out that he was the one carrying it most of the time, and frustrated to have to dig for everything since I didn't even want to carry it because it was so heavy (sometimes heavier than the baby carrier) and needed him to also grab everything for me too.

A few weeks down the road, and he had gotten more of an opinion on what we needed versus what I wanted. So I eventually caved and let him have the reigns on picking the right bag...which was a process. We went from a sturdy Victorinox backpack that was "handsfree" but still so stuffed and heavy,  to a gym bag with some pockets that was nylon, so, easy care and lightweight... but well, it's a gym bag.

What we eventually noticed out of all this was that each bag we used, we would always include this same mesh diaper clutch to actually pull out and carry around with us. Also, when it was just him out with baby, that's all he would bring around with him.. but it wasn't sturdy or fully practical so he wasn't really confident in carrying around. Eureka! He searched and searched for the right sized clutch bag and found this perfect mens Coach nylon sling bag that was just like his other sling bags... but "this one is Coach dear!"  Although it still didn't have all the baby details of a diaper bag, it was handsfree and in his style.... men's style. 

It dawned on me that men do care about how we roll with baby too. They may not act like it in the beginning but just like us moms, it's all because of the unknown. Once they are in the moment, they have just as much excitement and pride for comfort and details as we do.

Of course, by the second baby's arrival, he got 99 problems, but a bag ain't one =)

Our men's collection is all about dad...all about his details... and all about his journey. Our diaper clutch set has all the essentials and all the room he needs to carry around "handsfree" and suit his #dadlife. Making it the best gift for the new dad.

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