“Beauty of style, harmony, grace & good rhythm depends on simplicity” -Plato

“Beauty of style, harmony, grace & good rhythm depends on simplicity” -Plato

If there’s anyone who deserves to look and feel good… it’s us busy moms. Although our lives have flipped upside down and our energy level is on 6 the gear all day, we just need to maximize every lil’ moment we have for ourselves…  from the healthy choices to the stylish choices… to pull off our hectic days looking effortlessly chic.

As an Entrepreneur, slash Visual Stylist, slash Mom of 2, there’s so much I grew to realize about how simple beauty can be.  When I was a career driven mommy, my style was very versatile chic. I wanted to rock the heels through the day, but the outfits also needed to look fab with my Chucks to be ready to hang with my munchkins.  When I decided to stay home, my style got a little more relaxed (although I really wasn’t) but fit and key pieces became such a major factor, so I can look as good as my cotton tee feels.

Every mom has that flare in them that just needs a spark. A spark that shouldn’t have to take as much effort as rubbing sticks together either…but as simple as lighting a match. We’ve already learned in high school that we’re not going to be the next Giselle or Heidi, so we should adapt to our rejuvenated life and unveil a new beauty in as simple of a way as what makes you feel great to be ready to face the cute Starbucks barista, as well as, the carpool of kindergartens.

And if you haven’t figured it out,or you need a tune up to get your style back on track, stay tuned on how  to get from “eek” to chic…  the #stylemom way 😉

By EttyandRoll

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